Thursday, 13 March 2014

REAL student reviews of Greggy Betts's la test: This Is Importance (W&W 2013)

"This book is important." ~Donna Hayes, MSc (2012)

"I coulda writ this shite." ~Donny Wayes, BA (2015)

"Greg Betts inspires my career aspirations to professionally loathe myself." ~Donald Paas, DDS (2014)

"I definitely have read this book." ~Dana Hyas, BKin (2010)

"Where's my royalty cheque?" ~Diane Shawe, DPT (2017)

"But is it importance, really?" ~Ditty Ashwe, BBusSci (1999)

"Ooops! Ohh, oh, ah. Eee... no! Agh. Whoaaahh." ~Dan Heysa, PhD (2009)

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