Friday, 12 April 2013

whispered nothings overheard among the audience at the season finale of So You Think You Can Poetry!

"How bout that palindromic pirouette from Carmine Starnino? What a surprise from such a hardcore new formalist!"

"Can you believe that Ted Berrigan hasn't been voted off yet? Last week's solo sonnet do-si-do was for crap."

"I think I'm in love with Dennis Lee's shorts. Not his epigrams or what's inside his shorts, just the cloth of his skivvies."

"That Mary Ruefle, she seems to erase her every shadow feather step and apparition jelly arm stretch as she performs them."

"Jen Bervin could sequin my dance floor any day."

"Who let Rick Mercer into the competition? What a refreshing force! His enchulfas equals flarfy political didacticism!"

"Ode to Lycra: Stretchy, fetchy, kvetchy unitchy, retchy... spindix!"

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