Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WH Auden's Syllabus from U of Toronto (1941-42)

English 135. Fate and the Individual in Canadian Literature. First semester. 2 hours credit. Open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students who secure written permission from Professor Arno Badder, 2222 Angell Hall. Th 4-6 2215 A.H. Instructor W. Auden

Required Reading

McKenzie (Bob & Doug)                    Hoserville                                            Loeb

Martin & O'Hara                                  SCTV: the Feminist Perspective         Routledge

Candy                                                  I Was Johnny La Rue                          Faber & Faber

Earl                                                      Molly's Big Book of Crafts                 Verso

Opera Libretti

Connors                                               Stompin Tom's Greatest Hits

Rush                                                     Greatest Hits

Auden and two associates on the terrace at Hamilton's first Tim Horton's Donut Shop


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