Sunday, 17 March 2013

Robert Service Has Changed His Name

Famous Poet Changes His Name to Vanilla ICE

Reuters reports that the "Bard of the Yukon," Robert Service, announced today at a press conference that he has changed his name to Vanilla ICE. When the poet was asked why he was prompted to change his name he responded "Snoop is now a Lion and I thought 'gosh, that's for me, too' so I just went with it." Several reporters pointed out to Service that there is an existing rapper named Vanilla Ice. Service seemed nonplussed and took a few minutes to consult with his media team. "As there is actual ICE at the end of my name," he said,  "I think that I have just as much right to this dandy of a moniker as someone named 'Robert Matthew van Winkle'--that doesn't sound icy to me at all."

Vanilla ICE also said that he will be releasing, this spring, a new Selected entitled Songs of a Sourdough Who is Cold As ICE, Baby.

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