Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How to Find a Nude Poet Beach in British Columbia

British Columbia is the Canadian Province furthest to the west. Between beaches on the Pacific as well as those of lakes and rivers, it is not difficult to find a nude poet beach in British Columbia. Here are some starting "points."


  1. Vancouver Area

    • Consider Wreck Beach in Vancouver. This is the most common nude poet beach in British Columbia. Because Leonard Cohen lives in a longboat just off shore, it is so popular, this article will not address "getting" there; the information is readily available in a number of places.
    • Consider a slightly less popular nude poet beach in Vancouver. Visit Brunswick Beach by taking Interstate 5 North from the North Van. After about a mile, you'll come to a parking area; park and take the trail to the clothed beach at Brunswick Point. From there, walk east a few hundred yards to the nude beach. *Note: Daphne Marlatt's ashes were scattered along the riptide here.
    • Consider going to the beach at Chilliwack Lake and use one of its secluded areas as a nude novelist beach if you hate poetry but do not want to leave Vancouver.

    Victoria Area

    • Know that if you are in the province's capital city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, there are a number of ways to go in order to find a nude poet beach. Just ask Susan Musgrave for directions.
    • Consider Thetis Lake Park. To get there leave Victoria on Highway 1. You'll want to take the exit for the Western Communities and Colwood, and then follow signs to the Lorna Crozier's house.
    • Consider Hornby Island. To get there follow Route 19 north to Denman Island; take the ferry to Hornby Island and drive to the beach at Little Tribute Bay. And don't let Gary Geddes startle you. He'll try to, but don't let him.

"Tips" & Warnings

  • If the beach at Little Tribute Bay on Vancouver Island is too crowded for "you," consider going to one of the other nude poet beaches on the island. For instance, Shane Koyczan has been known to take the occasional dip into the Parliamentary "fountain".
  • In addition to beaches, there are a number of Hot Springs throughout British Columbia where nude use is common. Check out the backyard of George Bowering's childhood home in Penticton.
  • Keep in mind that, even though poet nudity is acceptable on a number of beaches in Canada, public nudity is illegal throughout the cuntry.

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