Sunday, 22 December 2013

Announcing 7 New International Poetry Prize Competitions of Winning!

Legitimate Awards for Literary Excellencing in the Poetry Sciences:

Billyballsmalonybalony International Poetry Showdown (First Prize = €10,000)

Award for Most Awkward Poet Publicking Social Performance (Sponsored by Your Momma)

Golden Wreaths of Silver Clouds in Your Hair Free-Verse Extravaganza (First Prize = a hardy backslap)

The SUR Prize (No Cash Value)

Global Achievement of Living English Stanzing ($50,000 prize for one one-word poem)

Competition for the Superlatively Unintentionally Hilarious Metaphor (First Prize = $50 Voucher to Earl's Restaurant)

The Peepeepoopoo Prize (Anonymous peer-review competition: First Place = Lifetime's Supply of Charmin)

Whinging Award (Exclusive to Hallmark® Employees)

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