Monday, 20 May 2013

Atwood Finally Admits to Biting Cohen

More than three months after the incident occurred, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Margaret Atwood has reportedly admitted that she bit Montreal Canadiens forward Leonard Cohen in a game on Feb. 9.

According to a report by hockey writer Dmitry Chesnokov on the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo! Sports, Atwood discussed the controversial moment from the game that the Maple Leafs won 6-0.

"The incident? It wasn't that much," Atwood told Chesnokov. "(Cohen) was grabbing me and I bit him. Don't stick your hands where you shouldn't. There was nothing left to do but bite him."

Cohen told the media that he had a tetanus shot following the incident. The NHL conducted a telephone interview with both players but did not levy any punishment to Atwood since it could not determine for sure if the bite had taken place.

"It was an emotional game," Cohen said two days after the incident. "It was like the Isle of Wight and it got out of hand. People were fired up."

Both Atwood and Cohen received 10-minute misconducts for their part in the scuffle, and the Leaf player received an extra two minutes for roughing. "Whatever," shrugged Atwood.

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