Saturday, 6 October 2012

Interview About Poetry with Two 9 Year Old Jerks

GP-Alright, jerks, first question: what is your definition of Poetry?

Jerks-That when people are interviewing you you have to keep secrets... Which bird is your favorite?

GP-What bird?

Jerks-We're not talking to you.

GP-Whatever. What is a poem?

Jerks-A thing.

GP-Where do you find poetry?

Jerks-What's the question?

GP-Where do you find it, poetry?

Jerks-Especially, everywhere. Angry Birds games.

GP-What is a whisper?

Jerks-Something that's really loud.

GP-And wh--

Jerks-And everybody has to know it.

[A Picture of Two Jerks, centred on the page]

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