Friday, 29 July 2011

Dear Casual Readers: Poetry is a Serious Matter

According to David Solway, Al Gore's poem is a "dull, anaphoric litany riddled with malapropisms and marred by an unabashed tendency to pure bathos."He is also miffed that Gore, like, writes, you know, inauthentic poetry: "I will be chided as a stickler here, but it needs to be emphasized that authentic poetry is always consistent. Let us take a look. This is a poem conspicuously devoid of punctuation, yet Gore slips in a comma between 'leave' and 'unmourned.' A casual reader will not notice so minute a solecism, but genuine poets know that nothing in a finished poem is accidental." We are genuine poets, too, and sometimes we like to chide other genuine poets for being sticklers but mostly we just like to poo on the hoods of their cars. Sometimes our poops look like commas! That is all. G'morning! For your health!

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